Network related projects

These projects are loosely all network related in some way.

  • IP Camera Finder - Abusing a DDNS service to find IP cameras around the world.
  • RSYaba - A modular brute force tool currently supporting HTTP(S), MySQL and SSH.
  • the Interceptor - A wireless wired network tap.
  • KreiosC2 - Using Twitter as a command and control channel.
  • Find IP - Find an available IP on a network without DHCP.
  • Track Email - Send arbitrary HTML in an email. Primarily designed to send tracking dots.
  • ear trumpet - Determine what ports are allowed through a firewall in either direction.
  • os_lister - Separate nmap OS match results into individual files.
  • Calc IP Range - A short script to find and ping IP range based on an IP and subnet mask.
  • OSSEC Kismet rules - OSSEC decoder and rules for Kismet alerts file.
  • OSSEC Rule converter - Convert a CSV file to a OSSEC rule file.
  • neXCSer - Convert Nessus v2 reports to CSV for easier manipulation and reporting.

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