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Welcome to DigiNinja, on this site you will find any tools or patches I've created and released to the security community. If you have any questions, bug reports or comments feel free to get in touch at robin@digininja.org or occasionally you can catch me on the Hak5 or PaulDotCom IRC channels, nick digininja. I'm also on Twitter as @digininja.


Jasager is a wifi man-in-the-middle tool which uses a fake access point to lure unsuspecting victims to connect to your network.

Take Karma, install it on a Fon and insert the Fon into a pineapple and you get Jasager.

MediaWiki - Dradis Importer

A script I knocked together to import issues from my DradisPro install into MediaWiki so they could be the start of my issues library.

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My thoughts on including steps to reproduce vulnerabilities in test reports. This isn't as easy as it sounds

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